This is Consoil

Consoil profilers has been used on a variety of measuring tasks throughout the world since 1984 and has proved to be durable and reliable. Consoil Profilers are designed to meet the rigorous environmental constrains of the applications at construction sites, in sewer lines and from harsh climate conditions.

he Profiler is a hydrostatic instrument that will measure the depth of its probe to an accuracy within 2mm. It contains either a read out for manual logging of results or a data acquisition unit that will store measured values distributed in sets of profiles. Measurements can be easily and rapidly carried out by one person.

The data acquisition unit is readily disconnected, removed and connected to a PC. The stored information can then be processed for presentation.

Also available is equipment that power winds in the probe whilst automatically logging distance and level measurements.

Now we are proud to offer the SAAF from Measurand
to complement our own product group.